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Point Cloud Surveys

When accuracy matters, ECR 360 uses LiDAR that calculates 1.28 million measurements per second.
Point Cloud Survey - Florida and Georgia 1870-smith-homestead

What is a point cloud?

A point cloud is a set of geospatial data points in a 3-dimensional coordinate system, commonly referred to as the X, Y, and Z axes. Each point position represents a specific, 3D location.

How can you use them?

Point clouds are the most precise digital record of an object or space. The applications are nearly limitless. With point cloud support being implemented in all major CAD and BIM software packages, the technology is widely used in several engineering and construction fields.

Scan to Model – Use your point cloud to quickly and accurately model 2D floor plans

Stockpile Analysis

Historical Preservation

3D Asset Creation

3D assets are 3-dimensional digital files with uncompromising detail and realism that can be used in design, architecture, gaming, visual effects, and more.

Deliverables of our Point Cloud Surveys

Raw point cloud data sets in the most popular file formats including XYZ, LAZ, LAS, PLY, and PTS.

3D Assets in OBJ, GLTF, DAE, FBX, USDZ, and STL file formats.

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